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W. Mercer

I found this program to be a wonderful experience. I enjoyed each and every part of the class. Elizabeth was always encouraging to me and helpful in every area I was challenged with. I learned that God is with me and wants to take care of my body.  I can do all things through Christ […]

N. Clarke

This program opened up my way of eating. Before, I was blind to reading labels and portion control. I would always diet and then gain it back again. I will stay healthy and slim for life thanks to this program. I also learned to ask God for help in everything I need. N. Clarke

Valerie L.

I have been praying to God to help me learn strategies that could assist me with taking more control over my eating habits over the last three years. I’ve been consistent with exercising but totally inconsistent with my eating habits. I have learned so much from this program.  More importantly, I have learned to keep […]

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Breakfast for a Better You!

Breakfast is the most important day. We’ve all heard that phrase before, right? But is breakfast really all that hyped up to be? Of course! Breakfast is the first meal that we eat after a long night’s rest. Not only does eating breakfast give us the energy to start the day, but eating breakfast is […]


January 2015

Feed Yourself Right and You Can Achieve Anything It is the start to another New Year! It’s time to set your goals and finally achieve those things you have been talking and dreaming about. On the top of many people’s lists are the goals to lose weight, perform better, and feel more fit and energetic […]